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NEW OFFER ! Development of a gender analysis of expenditures and expenditures of local government budgets and financial plans of users of public funds in accordance with the law on gender equality and in accordance with the Law on Budget System.

 Audit of financial statements of local government units

 Audit of financial statements of companies

 Audit of consolidated financial statements

  Audit of financial statements of public companies

 Audit of public fund beneficiaries

 Revision of projects, as well as other reassurance services and related services

 UPPR Audit

 Privatization-based audit

 Revision on the basis of recapitalization

 Revision of specific reporting

 Rationalization of the budget of local self-government units

 Internal audit

 Internal audit payment institutions

 Establishment and development of procedures for registration of payment institutions and institutions of electronic money

 Control of material and financial operations

 Financial analysis

 Consulting services

 Transfer prices

 Valuation of Assets and Capital

 Financial advisory

 Business consulting


 Comparative analysis of financial statements in the Republic of Serbia and financial reporting in the People's Republic of China.

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Copyright © 2020 IJFR. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2020 IJFR. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use prohibited
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